What is European handicap?


The coefficients of non-favorites are sometimes too low, making betting on them less attractive. Therefore, bookmakers offer handicap bets, allowing one team to have an artificial advantage. As a result, odds are evened out between teams that have different chances of winning. 


Whenever there is a handicap in betting, it is either the necessary advantage (minus handicap) or the allowable lag (plus handicap). Numbers indicate how many goals (in soccer betting on handicap), points (in basketball betting on points), or pucks (in hockey betting on pucks) are needed to win a bet.


For instance, the bet on Barcelona with a handicap (-1.5) will win if it wins by at least 2 goals over Espanyol. This obviously increases the difficulty for the favorite, but also greatly increases the possibility of winning.

By betting on Espanyol with a handicap (+1.5), you can let Espanyol fall behind in the final score of the match by the number of goals without exceeding the handicap. As such, Espanyol can win, draw, or lose with this bet, but not more than one goal can be scored. The bet on this handicap (+1.5) loses if Espanyol loses by two goals (which is more than 1.5).


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