What is Asian Handicap?


Asian handicap is also sometimes called "quarter". It too can be both "positive" (with "+") and "negative" (with "-"), but the numerical value looks like this: (-1,25), (+1,75), (-2,75), (+1,25), etc.

Bets on the Asian handicap are conditionally divided into two equal parts. As an example, if you place a bet on handicap (+2.75), the first half will be calculated as a handicap bet (+2.5), while the second half will be calculated as a handicap bet (+3). That is, in fact, two bets in one.

Let's say you made a bet of 100 EUR on the Barcelona-Espanyol match by selecting the Asian Barcelona handicap (-1.75) at odds of 1.60. The bet amount is divided by two handicaps at once: (-1,5) and (-2).

In case of Barcelona winning with the advantage of 2 goals (2-0, 3-1, 4-2, etc.), a handicap (-1.5) wins and 50 EUR are multiplied by the coefficient 1.60 (1.60*50=80 EUR), and the second handicap (-2) is refunded. The payout amounts to 130 EUR. 

With a result of 3 goals or more (3-0, 4-1, 5-2, etc.), the bet wins on both sides: the payout is 160 EUR, while the net profit on the Asian handicap is 60 EUR. 

It is considered a loss if Barcelona won by one goal, drew or lost. 


Therefore, when betting on Asian handicaps, the player may win one portion of his bet or both portions at the same time. The Player is also not covered for the loss.


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